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When your need is right away and your expectations are just to get there asap, this new world's environment offers us uncountable options everywhere, and all of them are together here. For your daily commute, or for your vacation or business travel  transfers, taxicabs are always a valuable resource

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Car Services

Very similar to the regular taxi cab definition, but most of the time with a slightly higher service standard, and superior type of cars, mostly times with no-signs vehicles and varied Driver levels. Available to book it in advance or on-demand, this global growing style is here, and is a few clicks away from you.

A Taxi Ride

Share Rides

This modality is not new, but it is in full expansion all around the world. It works perfect for those who are not in a hurry and especially if you're traveling on a budget. Depending on the market where you’re looking for, there could be many offers. From Sedans to Vans share with others going in the same direction and save.

Luxury Valet Service

Limousine Service

When the service is the most important. Punctuality, reliability, professionalism, luxury vehicles and Professional Chauffeurs. From Sedans to Party Buses, SUV’s, Vans or the most sophisticated Stretches. The preferred option for business people and of course for those special occasions.

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A resume of all the categories together. Uber is the world leader of TNC modality. Offering the most complete package in more than 80 countries. More than 70 million riders and 3 million Drivers globally, exempt us from further comments. Booking through SANVOY, you don't need the Uber App.

Parked Buses

Charter Buses

More than 15 passengers? School Bus, Mini Bus or the most luxurious Motor Coach, SANVOY has the right bus for your group. Sport Teams, Conventions, Corporate, Tour Operators, Wedding Shuttles,... or whatever the occasion be, our global connections with the most important providers will give you a solution always.

Bus Station

Intercity Buses

Travelling by Bus is cheaper and less stressful. Save money, enjoy the ride and are environmentally friendly. Travelling in a Bus we’re actually using less fuel per person, most of millenials say. SANVOY we'll help you to plot your route, and buy your bus ticket all over the world in a few seconds.

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If the place where you are or where you are planning to go has a railway, you can book it here. More than 5.000 worldwide Rail Lines in more than 150 countries. All the categories, all the options. Traveling on a budget or in the most expensive luxurious dining-sleeping room; from a commuter to a bullet all here.

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Rental Car

For a few hours or for the period of time that you need it. To pick up in your neighborhood or at the most remote place of the world, right now or in advance, from the most economical to the most luxurious model. SANVOY have more than 7.000.000 vehicle ready for you.