What is the difference between

Travel Agencies and Travel Management Companies?

A Travel Agency primarily provides a client with internet itineraries.

Their primary goal is to sell tickets or pre-arranged packages offered in the market by the wholesale providers.


Travel Management Companies are known for serving corporations and business travelers. These companies help to oversee costs and budgets, offer strategic oversight of the travel program, and negotiate with suppliers on behalf of their clients to obtain better benefits for them.

Overall, both are respected options which could serve a client depending on their personal needs.



  • Combines the best of a Travel Agency, OTA's and TCM's.

  • Negotiates with providers to find the best combinations and rates, no matters your budget or passenger type.

  • Has connections all over the globe.

  • Has strategic alliances with the most powerful organizations in the Industry.

  • Has packages for every budget.

This is what we have for you

Busy Street
  • +400 Airlines

  • +680,000 Hotels & Resorts 

  • +6,000,000 Rent-A-Car Units

  • +5,000 Rail Lines

  • +7,000 Bus Carriers

  • +300 Cruises Lines

  • +10,000,000 Taxis

  • +300 Cruises Lines 

  • +2,000 Vacations Packages

  • +3,000 Sightseeing Tours

  • +4,000 Live Shows 

  • +8,000 Sport Events

  • +1,000,000 Things To Do

  • +7,000,000 Vacation Properties

  • Private Jets

  • Air Taxi

  • Helicopter Service

  • Airport Transfers

  • Limousine Tours

  • Car Service Worldwide

  • Traveler & Luggage Insurance

How we show you all this on just a website?

How to avoid being boring and repetitive?

How do you start planning?

Let SANVOY show you how easy & simple we make it


Create new or update your existing in seconds.

For Personal: All you need is your name, home address and mobile phone.

For Corporate: Same as personal plus your company name and office address.

Manage all your personal and corporate travel with one profile.


Simple choose which one of these categories fits your needs. Then make your choice, planning your entire trip at once, or step by step. Fill up the form of your choice and that's it. We'll do the rest.

We know busy. Forget hassle. Let us know your agenda. We will plan it all

Book all your airport transfers, flights, hotels, meetings, things to do. 

We'll receive a link with all your itinerary in an easy interactive app.

Sometimes is not Business, is not Leisure. It's just Personal. Offering you planning tools to find all the behind-the-scenes, stress-free

Plan your whole travel experience in seconds, and tailor it to your personal needs.

Plan your entire journey, including air, transfers, hotels, things to do, entertainment tickets, and more...

Planning program tailored for you, when you know exactly where to or when you just kinda of think of it.


An interactive proposal that allows you to select the choices that suit you best.

Once your selection is made just click submit.

We create your itinerary and upload it for your approval.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 7.35.30 PM.png


Enjoy a multifunctional interactive Travel App for free.

Your entire Itinerary is organized day by day, step by step.

Find all you need, e-tickets, flight tracking, updates, reserved seats, reservation numbers, the contact information of each provider, and contact us directly, no dialing, no email, no waiting.