Today's Travel Industry

Travel Agencies are a private retailer that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public from travel suppliers. 

It’s designed to help customers make all types of arrangements for trips.

When you plan your trip with a Travel Agency, you're looking for an adviser who will help you to have a smooth experience with the best value from beginning to end.


T ravel Management Companies  are known for serving corporations and business travelers. These companies help to oversee costs and budgets, offer strategic oversight of the travel program, and negotiate with suppliers on behalf of their clients to obtain better benefits for them. 

Good management will help you to have complete control over the travel expenses of each individual in the entire organization.

Online Travel Agency (OTA's) Since 1996 this modality hasn't stopped growing. The technology and the new generations transformed this e-commerce into one of the most common in today’s travel. 

On these sites, you gain access to a wide breadth of travel products that allows you to research and book with travel suppliers. 

Be careful it’s always under their terms in availability, airlines, schedules, rates, etc. There are no magic rates.


Let SANVOY show you how it works

STEP 1. Register

Just register and you can be up and running here with us in seconds. Once you registered you will be able to fill up a booking/quote request by only entering your email, all your information will be uploaded so you won't have to enter it all over again every time.

For Personal: All you need is your name, home address and mobile phone.

For Corporate: Same as personal plus your company name and office address.

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  • Combines the best of a Travel Agency, OTA's and TCM's.

  • Negotiates with providers to find the best combinations and rates, no matters your budget or passenger type.

  • Has connections all over the globe.

  • Has strategic alliances with the most powerful organizations in the Industry.

  • Has packages for every budget.

STEP 2. Request

Go to travel plans, choose what type of booking/quote you would like to request. Click on the button, and you will be able to fill up the form in few seconds.

Just enter the email you used when you registered, all your basic information will be retrieved  instantly.

Once you submit, check your email.

STEP 3. Proposal

Check your email and open the proposal. There we included all the best options for you based on your request.

Once you make up your mind, on the proposal, pick your options and we will contact you with payment information and the access to your interactive itinerary.

STEP 4. Itinerary

Take a quick look at this beautiful interactive itinerary. You will be able to access on any device, even offline.

The itinerary updates your flight information, shows you prices, 

gives you all the QR's.

You can contact us directly.

Have your passport and your itinerary and go anytime anywhere.

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